Psycho Constructs Bungee Cord Out of Condoms, Then Jumps

Why would someone bungee jump with a cord made out of condoms, you ask? If you thought it was an effort to make a statement about safe sex, you're wrong. Apparently the only real motivation Carl Dionisio had for the attempt was his own lunacy—he was hoping to re-create the "virgin buzz" he had with his first jump. Over the course of four months he and a friend constructed the rope using 18,500 condoms and a tried-and-true mathematical formula. Despite being 99% sure it would work, Dionisio admitted that his stomach was "in a knot for a month before the jump."

In the end, the 98 ft. condom rope managed to hold him, which is actually not all that surprising when you consider that standards for condom tensile strength usually require that it be able able to stretch to at least 650% of its original length. So, it appears that Dionisio will live to devise yet another stupid method of putting his life on the line (how about a second attempt with lubricated condoms?). The only question I have is what brand did he use? That would make for one hell of a commercial. [Metro]

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