Postmachina's Project E Trades Business Cards, Personal Info Wirelessly

This wireless data exchange concept is very similar to a few designs we've seen already, but Postmachina is going to be manufacturing a wireless device called Project E that holds your personal information and swaps it when it comes into contact with another, similar device. In essence, it can hold all the info on your business card, plus other data (maybe even social networking information) and transfer it to other people you meet at trade shows or other events.

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After doing tests with Bluetooth, Postmachina's director, Renato Valdes Olmos, decided to make their own set of wireless protocols in order to swap information—which can then be synced with a computer and imported into various social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. If this Project E can be made robust and foolproof that it will work without even thinking about it, we could see a huge market for it everywhere. But if Postmachina can take this tech and insert it into mobile phones, something people already carry on them, that would be a revolution. [Winning By Sharing]

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