Pandora Open Source Games System is Retro Gaming God

The Pandora handheld has serious retro gaming in mind, and with a Linux OS, an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, WiFi connectivity, dual SDHC card slots, QWERTY keypad, dual joystick controls, D-pad, TV output, USB mass storage mode and a 16.7M colour touchscreen display, it's shaping up as quite a promising platform.

The device looks rather bulky, but will actually be, approximately, the size of a Nintendo DS, which means it is packing an awful lot under a rather small hood. Emulation-wise, the GP2X-esque device will be able to handle all the greats, including NES, SNES, PS, DS and Sega Saturn, all at full speed. My Nintendo DS Lite just started getting an awful redundant feeling, but with an expected price tag of US$330 for the Pandora, I think the DS is safe for now. The developer units will ship in the coming months, with the retail version being readied in time for an undisclosed, summer release date. [Product Page via Retro Thing via Technabob]

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