Panasonic SDR-S7 Lightweight Camcorder Is 160 Grams, Japan-Only

Those of you into teeny-tiny gadgets might like Panasonic's latest SD camcorder aimed at the Japanese market. The SDR-S7 weighs in at just 160 grams and shoots MPEG-2 format in 640 x 480 resolution, storing on either SD or SDHC cards. More specs below.

There's a 10x zoom, a battery life of 70 minutes, a 2.7-inch LCD screen. Sharp shooters will be pleased that the S7 can store 13 hours-worth of video on a 16GB card, and goes from standby to record in just 0.6 seconds. Available in Japan on April 25 in either Black or Silver, the mini camcorder will retail for 44,800¥, or around $470. [Aving]

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