New iMacs First to Use Intel Montevina Chipset?

On the surface, the new iMacs just look like a speed bump, there's actually something pretty interesting under the number splooge: It's the first system we know of to use Intel's Montevina chipset, which actually isn't due until June. Even though the release doesn't namedrop Montevina, the 1066MHz front-side bus with processor speed up to 3.06GHz tells us it's the case, since Santa Rosa's FSB only hits 800. Which you means you should see a solid performance boost in these babies, not just better efficiency. Wonder how Apple swung getting their hands on the chipsets before anyone else. Update: TGDaily says they're not quite Montevinas, but they are unreleased chips no one else has, with the only difference from actual Montevinas being these run 11 watts higher on thermal power design. [New iMacs on Giz]

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