Mr. T Explains: Comcast HD Fools Nobody

Gather around, class. I said, shut-up fools! Recess is over and I'm gonna tech you suckas a lesson. See this picture? That's Verizon FiOS streaming a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in HD. Mr. T likes those Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mr. Anthony Keidis with his long, flowin' hair. And Mr. T doesn't mind pointing out that Mr. Anthony Keidis has quite the bicep at 17.73 Mbps.

Now let's check this situation at Comcast.

You see, class, Comcast has ruined Mr. Anhony Keidis' well-honed muscle structure by streaming the broadcast at only 13.21 Mbps. That's not nice, is it kids?

Comcast, you'd better not be streaming Mr. T no funky Keidis arm. I don't care who Comcast is. He still don't have to act the fool. [avsforum via nytimes]

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