Moov Is the LEGO of Kids' Vehicles (Verdict: I Don't Want to Grow Up)

Moov is probably one of the most amazing toys you will see this year: a do-it-yourself 4-in-1 vehicle kit for kids aged between 5 and 12. Now it's a racer, now it's a carver, now it's a tricycle, now it's a scooter. It's like LEGO Technics meet Duplo meet true pneumatic tires, but with giant wood and plastic pieces, easy enough for a kid to build it and big enough to ride it at Warp 7 down the street, as you can see in the demonstration video after the jump.


Made by Dutch company Berg, Moov will be out in June 2008 in Europe, and hopefully in the US before the holiday season. And yes, this is one of those things that doesn't help to improve my Peter Pan complex. Who wants to grow up when kid gadgets are so much better than the adult ones?


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