Local River Aquaponics System - But You Can Call It "Refrigerator-Aquarium"

The Local River is an aquarium-vegetarium (hang on a minute) by Mathieu Lehanneur, the same guy who thought up last year's Bel Air plant filtration system. Using the same curved white design that tickled our fancy with the Bel Air last year, the Local River is a home storage system for fish and greens that is inspired by the Locavores movement of San Francisco, people who only eat food grown within a 100-mile radius. More info below the gallery.


Described as a "fish farm-cum-kitchen garden," the Local River works using the principle of aquaponics, a system used in Far East fish-farms. The plants—lettuce is thought to be a good bet—extract nutrients from the fish poop, purifying the water and balancing the eco-system of the water.

Made from blown and thermoformed glass, and with a water pump, the Local River comes in two sizes: large, which measures 162.5 x 73.7 x 99 cm; and small, which comes in at 73.7 x 45.7 x 91.4 cm. What works in its favour is the fact that your fish will never be fresher. The concept (for that is all it is) will be on display in New York's Artists Space Gallery from April 25.

I'm not sure that Lehanneur, however, has taken into account just how squeamish some people are—raising a pet freshwater fish is one thing, but killing it, gutting it and baking it for Sunday lunch may be asking too much. It rather reminds me of the first training exercise undertaken by the SAS in Hereford. The wannabe special forces are presented with a pet rabbit. For a week they have to look after the bunny-wunny, feeding it, petting it etc etc, before they are ordered to kill it and cook it for dinner. [Dezeen]

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