Lightning Review: VholdR Wearable Sport Camcorder

In honour of the upcoming Tahoe reader meetup on April 5th at Alpine Meadows, I'm going to be doing end of season reviews of some outdoor gadgetry that's been floating around the cabin.
The Gadget: A camera meant for outdoor junkies. Has laser pointers for aiming the cam, helmet, handlebar, and goggle mounts, and a waterproofed case. Records to 640 x 480 quality MPEG-4 video in decent quality. 50 minutes per GB. Aluminium and fiberglass case.

The Performance: Two hours of battery life. Doesn't feel like its top quality in build. Slightly grainy, but videos are perfectly acceptable. (That's a link to the company's vids, which are representative, but also a lot more interesting than my bunny hops. Charges by USB. For US$350, I wish it came with a MicroSD card. Thumbs up. [Guest editor's note: Thumbs up? What do you mean thumbs up, sucker? Who is going to wear that thing on his head, you fool? Only fools like you and Murdoch, that's who! I ain't getting that thing on my head!]

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