Lightning Review: Kensington Ci70 Keyboard With Built-in Mini USB Cable

The Gadget: Kensington Ci70 compact keyboard with two USB ports and one mini USB cable for easy docking and syncing.

The Price: US$49.99

The Verdict: The Ci70 is a good typer, but you'll want this for the mini USB convenience. If you're a person that often syncs your digital cameras, smartphones or portable hard drives to your PC, you probably have a lot of mini USB cables. The Ci70 lets you ditch all those cables and just use one embedded into a slideable, hidden compartment that you can never lose. Ultra convenient.

The keys feel very much like the Kensington Slim Type Keyboard, but this time has both the Windows key and the Apple Command key on one unit instead of making two separate models for each type of machine. It's also fairly quiet and has laptop-ish (scissor switch) keys.

The only complaint we have are because of its slightly condensed size (Kensington says it's 35% "smaller"), which, like the Kensington Slim Types, place the Home/Page Up/Page Down/End keys vertically to the right of the Enter key. The same scrunched design also make the arrow keys smaller than usual and harder to hit. Other than these fairly minor issues, it's a pleasure to type on and almost ranks as high as Apple's aluminium keyboards in our book.

At US$49.99, the Ci70 is a great keyboard for people who are looking for a quiet, soft typing experience and the convenience of not having to dig around for a mini USB cable. [Kensington]

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