Where's Waldo? Available to Play on Google Earth

Fans of Waldo, the geek in the striped beanie and glasses who'd pop up where you least expected, can now hunt him down on Google Earth. Canadian student Melanie Coles has installed a 55-foot painting of Waldo on a Vancouver rooftop, and expects other people to follow suit with their own Waldos. More below the gallery.


"I think that it's within the spirit of the state of the Web now. Everything is a free-for-all, and I think the more Waldos, the better," Melanie told the Vancouver Sun. A news channel sent a helicopter up into the Vancouver skies and located Waldo, but he has yet to appear on Google Earth. Although Google reveals when it last photographed places, there is no indication when it is next sending its satellites over.

A volunteer on Melanie's project reveals that the 22-year-old art student wants her work to ask the question, "Is Google God?" Er, no. [Where On Earth Is Waldo? via Telegraph]

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