Is It A GirlPurse? Is It A ManBag? No, Silly, It's an Urban Performer Unit

Hello, I'm a sexy lady who has been Swarovski-encrusted by my PR people in order to publicise something called the Urban Performer Unit. It's basically a handbag with a little pocket for your iPod which enables you to control your music from the outside of your bag. Nice idea, don't you think? There is, however, one slightly disturbing thing about this Austrian-designed purse:

It's unisex. Yes, all you rugged and slightly dishevelled types (NutBastard, I mean you) fear no more about being an outmoded man in a metrosexual world, for you too can pick up the Urban Performer Unit. Pick It Up, I said, and you will be transformed into a rhinestone cowboy in an instant.

This is my favourite picture. Look! He's using his ManBag to play a geetar riff for RockBand, with nary a bead of sweat to disturb the Swarovski swoosh on his face. I think I'd like to see him use his mascara wand as a drumstick, and tackle Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me.

This is what the Urban Performer Unit looks like from the inside. There's also room for your other gadgets, like PDA, mobile phone, Hadron Collider and so on and so forth. Available in time for Christmas, the black leather purse is priced at just under US$520. And perhaps you should know that it's made by a company called Urban Tools. For tools, presumably. [UrbanTool via Talk2MyShirt]

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