iGoogle Gets Some Aussie Artist Themes, Interesting


Fans of Australian artists like John Butler Trio, Missy Higgins, Rolf Harris, Anne Geddes, Ken Done or The Wiggles are about to get a big treat - themes for iGoogle!

The themes were designed by the artists as a massive marketing ploy way of offering fans another way of expressing their support, and part of Google's global effort to let people personalise their online experience.

John Butler, that hippy rockstar with a social conscience, loves the idea:

"The term Google has become part of the English vernacular as a way to say go find out yourself...get informed. As someone who is part of a progressive generation who sees this small world as one interconnected community, I'm proud to represent the Australian arts scene on a global level."

You can click here to see which other Australian artists are available, or if you want to widen your reach to see what the rest of the world is offering, check here.

[Google Artist Themes]

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