Human Hamster Wheel Is Actually Furniture, (And Stupid)

Human Hamster Wheel Is Actually Furniture, (And Stupid)
There have been a lot of great gadgets designed for the explicit purpose of saving space. This would fit into the same category, if only I hadn’t used the word “great” in the previous sentence.

Looking like a gigantic hamster wheel, The TurnOn Multi-function Spinning Wall, makes you walk like a rodent to rotate it into a different room of your house. For example, you can cook yourself a nice meal, then run like a hamster to change the TurnOn to a dining table. And once you’ve eaten, you can run off the fat by rotating it to your loungeroom.

Of course, anything not bolted down will probably end up broken on the (real) floor, so this isn’t really a practical option. There’s also a Wet Cell option, that houses the toilet, shower and bathroom sink – I don’t want to know what function you’d be using when the toilet is on the ceiling… no matter what it is it isn’t going to be pretty.

There’s no word of availability and pricing, so we can only hope that this is just a concept at this stage.

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