Green House Telephoto Kit Gives 8x Zoom to Mobile Phones, Superman, Fools

Hey, fool! Why would I need a 8x mobile phone zoom lens, complete with additional universal handset tripod and holder? That's right, I wouldn't, because B.A's eyesight is better than Superman's. Still, for those without Mr. T's 40:40 vision, Green House is doing a good thing releasing their Telephoto Kit. B.A. don't know nothing about pricing or shipping dates, but he does know that if Superman were ever to come up against him, he'd pity that fool. And if you need the Green House Telephoto Kit, I pity you, fool! Now, I'm gonna go crush Balboa's head in. Balboa, you ain't Rocky, you just cocky and I'm gonna snap you like a Pocky! Arghh! [Akihabara News]

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