Glove Radar Tells You How Fast Your Balls Are. Fast, Fool. Fast!

Hey look: no one throws a ball as fast as Mr. T! And I don't need no mitt to catch a ball, but you weaker guys need to take care and wear protection. Combine those two things and you can tell how fast someone throws a ball at you with this Glove Radar. You need to know the speed to within 1 MPH from 20 to 120 MPH (32kph to 193kph)? You can. 120 MPH? That's fast man. Fast. Kinda aeroplane fast. Damn, you ain't getting me in one of those things! Be calm Mr. T ... think of baseball, Mr. T, think of softball.

It ain't bullet-proof, but this gizmo laces up behind your hand on the glove, so it can survive impacts. And if you need 5,000 measurements of speed (why, fool? Why?) then it's battery lasts that long.

It sends some kinda microwave Doppler radar beam through your hand to measure the speed of a ball near the glove. That sounds like some crazy device thought up by the Team. You won't get my hand near some microwave radar, I'm no sucker! But if you are, it's US$69. [Baseball Tips via BB Gadgets]

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