French Army to Get Aliens-Like Biomonitors

Soldiers in the French army will have their heart rate, BP and other vital signs monitored by telemetry à la the troops in Aliens as part of the next-gen combat suit due around 2015. The FELIN system —Fantassin à Équipements et Liaisons Intégrés— will now include this health-status uplink so commanders can check on their troops in real time. Presumably this'll aid planning, so that the least worn-out guys can be used effectively. The opinion of an anonymous ex-Foreign Legion guy is a little different: "the reality is that a remote command post should better not have detailed information about who is shot and what are the injuries." He may have a point, since there's many a battle that's been won by knackered-out troops whose life-signs may have had them withdrawn when using this system. What's your opinion, guys? [The Register]

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