Desktop Clutter Art A Go-Go

Purple Tentacle, Iron Man, the Spaghetti Monster, a super cool MacBook Air, Master Chief, Ren & Stimpy, and even a Blue Screen of Death made entirely of folders? Oh yes. We got 14 entries for the desktop clutter art contest that started with Spider-Pig and Homer Simpson, and we got the winner right after the jump!

Ren_and_Stimpy_screengrab.jpgtentacle-damien.pngsouth park.jpgmisterchiefclutterart.jpgmikediaz-beaver.pngmario-lagin.pngmario-chuckblack.pngkilljoy-zachary.jpgiconman-hapax.pngfsm-roger.bmpdakota-Flames.pngdaffy-kreshnik.pngbsod-jamie.jpgandrew-love.jpgMacBookAirDesktopClutter-daniel.png

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