CoolPix S52 and S52c: Nikon Updates Its Most Popular Point-and-Shoots

After making waves in the DSLR world, Nikon renewed its push in the point-and-shoot market with the slender feature-loaded camera you see before you. It's had slightly different model names over the past two years, but its newest incarnation, the US$250 9-megapixel 3X-optical-zoom-equipped S52, is pretty slick. You get:
• 2000 ISO in "high sensitivity" mode
• Optical image stabilizer
• In-camera slideshows with music from iTunes
• SDHC support
• 3" LCD
A $30 step up gets you the S52c, the same basic camera with an extra bit of a bulge. No, it's not a tumah, as Gov. Schwarzenegger would surely tell you: it's Wi-Fi, and with it a direct connection to Nikon's my Picturetown online community for sharing, mailing and uploading to Flickr and other sites. Press release after the two galleries below.

Nikon CoolPix S52c PB_front34r_lc.jpgNikon CoolPix S52c PB_top.jpgNikon CoolPix S52c PB_front_lc.jpgNikon CoolPix S52c PB_left.jpgNikon CoolPix S52c PB_back.jpg

Nikon CoolPix S52 MB_front34r_lc.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 RD_top.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 MB_top.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 RD_back.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 MB_back.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 MB_front_lc.jpgNikon CoolPix S52 RD_front34l_lo.jpg

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