Competition: 5 Iron Man Prize Packs Up For Grabs

Competition: 5 Iron Man Prize Packs Up For Grabs

Although no scientific research has actually been done, recent statistics that I just made up state that 98% of Gizmodo readers are excited about the upcoming Iron Man movie.

That’s why we’ve gone and spoken to our friends at Paramount Pictures to grab us 5 Iron Man prize packs to giveaway. What’s in the prize pack, you ask? Well, there’s a double pass to see the film when it opens in cinemas nationwide on May 1, plus there’s an Iron Man webcam, worth $60.

Now, we know you want to win. And competition’s going to be fierce, so I’m going to demand some creativity here. Simple creativity, but creativity nonetheless. To enter, you’ll need to compose an Iron Man Haiku. Five syllables, seven syllables, then five syllables about the man in a red and gold Iron suit. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

The entries will be judged by Robert Downey Junior’s favourite Gizmodo AU editor (I have that on good authority) next Wednesday, so get cracking. And if you want to see what an Iron Man webcam looks like:

Thanks to all the people that pointed out my typo. I hadn’t had my coffee when I wrote it. Fixed now though.

ironman webcam.jpg
Haiku’s in the comments, in case you were in any doubt.

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