Mobile Phone-controlled Jukeboxes Bring New Meaning to Drunk Dialling

Touch Tunes and LocaModa are linking up 30,000 Jukeboxes that can be controlled via mobile phone, meaning you don't have to drunkenly stumble through hoards of people at a bar just to get some decent tunes. The juke boxes are all linked to media servers, that have the ability to export data into social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

The networked interface shows songs playing at different locations, who is picking the music, who is at the bar, user generated content, and information pulled from users' pages on social networks. You can even gift songs to people. But the thing I like here is the mobile phone control. Because when Sublime or The Offspring or something equally lame comes on at a bar for the millionth time and I'm ready to go hang myself in the bathroom, I've been known to put a few dollars in the jukebox. And now I don't even have to get up. Awesome. [Yahoo via The Web Outside via Newlaunches]

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