Cat 5 Wedding Ring Stupidest Ring Ever

Cat 5 Wedding Ring Stupidest Ring Ever
cat5 rings.jpg

Before I got married, I used to joke with my fiancee that instead of getting rings made out of gold, or other expensive metals, we should find ourselves some plastic “Sha-zam!” rings that we could join together and pretend we had a Genie to fight our battles for us.

She didn’t like the idea.

So imagine what would have happened if I had proposed we invest in a pair of Cat 5 compliant wedding bands that we could jack into eachother when we were bored. My guess is that we wouldn’t be married now.

The inside of the “female” ring can be chosen from a selection of four colours: turquoise, white, orange or black. That’s four different reasons that she’d leave you, right there.

But the worst thing about these ridiculous rings – they’re sold out. So, chances are there’s going to be some lonely men with broken hearts and shattered dreams in the world tonight.

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