Buy the Crappiest, Rustiest MacBook Pro Ever for Only US$1300

Macs tend to have a high resale value that outpaces PCs with similar specs and age. But this MacBook Pro on eBay looks like it was literally beaten with an ugly stick before being left to rot in a vat of orc piss, and the dude's still asking US$1295 (more than a brand new MacBook). For that, you get a 17-inch Core 2 Duo Tiger-based MBP that's covered in rust, missing the battery and plagued by a bum screen.


Granted, it comes with Windows XP and all the Adobe software—Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.—you could ever want, but this thing still makes Blam's sorry, battered MBP look like a supermodel. If you think real beauty's on the inside and are still interested, get clicking, 'cause there's only a couple hours left on the auction.
[eBay, Thanks Caleb!]

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