Blinging The Swarovskis To The Low-Riders

Blinging The Swarovskis To The Low-Riders


If you weren’t content with having your light fittings blinged up with Swarovski crystals, why not consider this low-rider bike?

I’m sure the idea sounded perfectly rational at the Swarovski labs: “What haven’t we stuck our crystals on yet?” says boffin 1, in a voice not unlike Stewie Griffin. “I don’t know. I think we’ve covered every conceivable product” replies boffin 2 (who sounds a bit like James Earl Jones). “What about a bike?” says boffin 1. “Already done – although we could go for a fancy type of bike this time” boffin 2 responds. “Brilliant!” Exclaims boffin 1, “We should bling up a low-rider!” Or so the conversation sounds in my head.

It took roughly 110,000 crystals to cover the bike, which is a low-rider creation from UK designer Ben Wilson. It is handmade to order, and price is on application, although considering the website tells you to hold your breath, we’re guessing that it ain’t going to be cheap.

[Ben Wilson Design via BornRich]