Apple Rumours this Week: Thinner 3G iPhones, All Aluminium Macbooks

A few rumours for WWDC have cropped up this week, with nothing but faith to back em up. Most of the facts are obvious progressions and externalisations of the fanboy-tasies, or things known before, but here are some particulars I thought worth passing on:
TG Daily reports that the 3G iPhone will be in 8, 16 and 32GB flavors from US$399-US$599 in cost, with a 2.5mm slimmer profile, a tuned accelerometer, but a similar UI.
Apple Insider claims that the standard Macbook is losing the plastic shell and going all aluminium, like the current Macbook Pros. I'd dropped Kasper a line and although his story is vague, he linked his sources with other previous claims that came true, so I'll buy it.

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