Alienware "Fastest Ever" 17-Inch Area-51 m17x Gaming Notebook On Sale Right Now

Alienware's latest community effort is AlienNetwork, a "digital channel" which debuted today. To kick off the show with a bang, they revealed that their "fastest ever" 17-inch Area-51 m17x gaming notebook shown back in November is launching today at 5PM (right now, give or take). Versus the m15x, it's got a higher res 1920x1200 screen, NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX SLI graphic cards, up to a Core 2 Extreme CPU and the option for two hard drives set up in RAID. It's in all black and if we might say so, just a bit sexier than the m15x. Update: Here's the product page.

m17area-51 m17xarea-51 m17xarea-51 m17x

Other worthy tidbits from the show: They're not planning on a MacBook Air competitor. They're big-boned (for performance) and proud of it. Also, they're looking at making some cheaper notebooks for more mainstream gamers that can't afford to drop $3k on a sweet gaming notebook. Budget gaming notebook, I like the sound of that. [Alienware]

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