Aeros ML866 Air Vehicle Accepted for FAA Approval, Still Three Years from First Flight

The FAA has accepted the Aeroscraft Aeros ML866 for certification, the aircraft which is neither an airship nor a dirigible or an aeroplane or an helicopter or a UFO, but is "classified as a fourth type of air vehicle, a buoyancy assisted air vehicle." However, don't hold your breath for a pleasant trip in this long-range, 210-feet-long, 5,000-square-feet cruise liner of the skies: the company told the Giz that the "ML866 is preliminary scheduled to begin the flight test activities in 30-36 months." They couldn't give us names of their potential customers, but at least they gave us a new picture of the bar onboard:

In other words, despite the wait, if there's going to be cocktails we'll be there like shareware. [Aeros via Gizmag]

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