X-48B Video Shows World's Biggest RC Model Plane in Action

NASA has released the first video of the remote controlled X-48B Blended Wing Body 8.5-percent scale model. At 21-foot wingspan, it is the largest surviving RC model in the world, easily crushing the previous king. For sure, Skyray 48 is not your typical RC plane, but it's the baddest, best-looking mother of them all. The video itself is cool if only to hear the pilot talking with the tower (and is it me or you can hear someone dying at the end?)

The ten-minute video documents the perfect flight of Skyray 48, the Boeing-NASA prototype of what could be the future of commercial aviation. Thanks to its design, designs derived from the X-48B will have less power consumption and less emissions, while increasing carrying capacity and speed compared to current cargo and passenger aircraft.

The plane took off last year from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Centre on Edwards Air Force Base, in California, controlled from the ground by Boeing pilot Norm Howell. [NASA]

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