WiiMax Gun Gives Laser Sights, Takes Dignity

While Nintendo may have invented one of the most graceful products of the modern era in the Wiimote, such only makes it all the more tempting for third party manufacturers (as well as Nintendo its freaking self) to spoil the fun with extrapolation. Take the Wiimax, it turns your Wiimote into a coveted plastic machine gun or rifle—but it doesn't stop there, my friends.

WiiMax takes superfluousness of design one step further, adding a laser sight. While some may believe the laser is for aiming, the wiser among us realise that the Wiimax's designer, forced to take such a lousy position, added the laser in hopes that a mirror would one day refract the beam into a user's eyes, burning the retina like a sizzling egg and preventing any more enjoyment/bastardisation of the Wiimote.

Seriously, these peripherals are the equivalent to putting a sweater on a cat. The cat may look stupid, but you're the one who looks like a douchebag. Please stop. [product via technabob]

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