Vivitar SD-Card Camcorder Plays Back at 1080i, Probably Won't Cost the Earth

Vivitar is responsible for dirt cheap video cameras and the like. Their latest offering, which hasn't received a detailed specification list, doesn't look too bad at all; the DVR565HD will be a SD-card camcorder that will support recording in H.264/MPEG4 high definition at 720p, with a 30fps frame rate. Additionally, the video camera will be able to playback at 1080i, with an HDMI cable included in the asking price for HD TV connectivity, this looks like a fun shooter for peeps looking for a decent, low cost camcorder. Though the price hasn't been announced, Vivitar are known for their wallet-friendly marketing, so be assured, it shall be reasonable. If we're wrong, you can make fun of the interns. [Pocket-lint]

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