US Air Force To Buy 300 PS3s To Assess Cell Processor

Our good friends over at Kotaku have posted this nugget of gold – Apparently the US Air Force has put in a requisition for 300 40GB Playstation 3 consoles.

Rather than actually use it for good, like playing GTA IV, watching Blu-ray movies or Folding at Home, the Air Force's Research Laboratory plans on "conducting a technology assessment of certain cell processors". In other words, using them for evil.

According to the Presolicitation notice found online, the PS3 is the only cell chip on the market that can be acquired at an acceptable cost. So obviously they won't be buying their PS3s from Australia, then.

Sony always said that the PS3 wasn't just a games machine. Now it's a military research device as well. Hopefully future wars won't all be controlled by a DualShock though.

[ via PS3mods via KotakuAU]

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