Underwater Camera Rig Sends Photos Around the World in Seconds

Alain Bernard of France broke a record last week when he swam the 100m freestyle in 47.60 seconds at the European Swimming Championships. At the same time, underwater photographer Wolfgang Rattay broke another far geekier, and therefore far more important, record of his own using a voyeuristic remote controlled underwater camera rig.

As Bernard entered the pool on his way to making history, Rattay managed to capture one of a kind images and beamed them around the world in minutes thanks to a custom set up that combines a Canon EOS 1D Mark 2N with a 15mm fish-eye lens, waterproof cable and a transmitter sends everything to a waiting laptop. From there, the images were worldwide in minutes, which is far faster than any of Rattay's soggy bottomed competitors. "I don't need to wait for a couple of hours for the competition to end before jumping into the pool to retrieve my CF card, as do the other photographers," he said. What's the fun in that, Rattay? You afraid of a few cannonballs? [Reuters]

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