UFO House Brings ET Home

Chattanooga, Tennessee is the location of one of the most bizarre abodes we have ever seen; the UFO house, which has a single entry point via a button activated stair case, curved bar area and customised bathtub, as well as various UFO paneled controls throughout that are simply priceless, or so you would think

UFO House 4 GI.jpgUFO House 2 GI.jpgUFO House 3 GI.jpg

The house was originally put together in the 1970s, and as such, many of the fittings now have a retro feeling, but that just adds to the charm. The space dwelling is now up for sale, and it is to go under the hammer this very day, which has us counting the Benjamins. Unfortunately, the 2000 sq ft extra terrestrial base station, with three floors, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and scenic view has already attracted a US$100,000 bid, which plants it about $99,999 out of our budget. Oh boy, it's back to our slimy, grimy, shoe box of an office until another UFO house comes on the market. We're optimistic. [CityNews]

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