Time-It Watch's LED Display Curls Around Your Wrist

This new LED watch curls around your wrist automagically, a bit like those weird snap-on bracelet thingies that were all the rage a while ago. Time-it's display is suitably LED-geeky, with several different modes, much like the Tokyo Flash or Nooka designs. Strangely it's got a rechargeable battery, so it has to lie in its "magic case" to wirelessly charge every now and then. Inconvenient, perhaps, since it lasts between a day and two weeks depending on how often you activate the display.

Still, it's a neat design and is pretty unusual. Its shape and silicone waterproofness may even make it useful for sporty types. Available now, in brown, orange, black and white for US$189. [LEDwatchstop via Technabob]

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