The Most Disgusting and Gross Tech Gear Gallery Ever

Without a doubt, this has to be the most disgusting and gross tech gear photo gallery in the history of The Most Disgusting and Gross Tech Gear Photo Galleries. Ever. The vomit-inducing shot above, a pancake of beige, white and green mold with the Dell logo impressed on it, is just the aperitif. Honestly, I thought my hairy and gooey mouse was as grossirrific as it can get, but you people have proven me wrong. Full 26-photo gallery and the explanation of the crap above after the jump.

mouse2.jpgmouse1.jpgkeys2.jpgkeys1.jpgkeyboard.jpgeww.jpgdirty_watercooling03.jpgdirty_watercooling01.jpgdirty2.jpgdirty1.jpgPhoto_012407_003.jpgPhoto_012407_002.jpgPhoto_012407_001.jpgPhoto from Nicaragua.JPGP1000720.JPGDSC01685_2.jpgDSC01684_2.jpgCAM_1261.jpgCAM_1260.jpg0306080152a.jpg0306080151a.jpg0305081338a.jpg0305081337a.jpg0305081337.jpg

Dear Gizmodo,

A couple of years ago I helped my co-worker move her computer. After picking up her monitor, I was both repulsed and fascinated by what was growing underneath her Dell monitor. You can even see the logo "growth" (?). As you can see, this was no average dust bunny or coffee ring. Needless to say I had to take pictures to capture the moment before it got up and attacked us!

From a long-time reader; first-time emailer

We can only speculate what caused this. Probably a sugary coffee spill that got under the monitor base, with the Dell logo forming as the mould grew up.

You people are disgusting. Yet, somehow weirdly mesmerising. I doubt anyone can best any of these, but what about cellphones, PDAs, laptops and other gadgets? Keep them coming to [email protected]

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