The iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles, They Do Nothing

Oh man. Apparently somebody just saw The Lawnmower Man and got inspired. This virtual reality head mount for the iPhone is designed to let you strap your favourite expensive phone to your face, blocking out everything else so there's nothing to distract you from the glow of your precious.

This entirely garbage idea was created by a company called Box Fab who presumably just got a copy of Maya and decided to try to trick investors into giving them money. They're a "pre-revenue start-up" looking for people to place bulk orders and pay in advance so they can start manufacturing their ill-advised product ideas. I would really love to see this get made with software that would turn the accelerometer into a VR machine, actually. Seeing people on the train with their iPhones strapped to their faces, slowly going blind and experiencing the future as described in the late '80s, it's almost too awesome for me to imagine.

The best part? Box Fab thinks they can make it for under $200. For goggles shaped to hold the iPhone. I really think this is going to take off! Somebody order 5,000 of these, stat. [Box Fab]

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