The Illusion PC is a Hellraiser

There are quite few entries in this year's Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design competition, but the Illusion PC is one of the standouts due to a unique magic trick. A 3D object appears to be hovering inside of the case—giving the impression that there are no internal components. According to the designer, this effect is fully customizable and a website could be developed for theme support.

Outside of the 3D effect, the PC can also include optional components like a built-in 6" TFT LCD monitor, Matrix Orbital MX222 2x16 character VFD display and a TV tuner card—additions which give the user further options for visual customisations or data display. I don't know if it will make the cut when Microsoft announces the winners in May, but if aesthetics mean anything, it certainly has a shot. [Next Gen PC Design and TechPin]


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