Thanko Electric Up-Down TV Stand Lets You Wii Standing Up

Purveyor of strange peripherals Thanko may actually have made a useful non-USB gadget— a motorised TV stand that lets you raise your TV up to eye-level for better Wii gaming. Great idea, but Thanko needs to employ new guys in the "name that gadget" office: this is called the "Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand."

Now, I don't own a Wii, but I do play EyeToy games from time to time, and I can totally see the advantages this gizmo offers. With one click of the remote control, you can elevate your flat-screen TV by up to 1.3 metres, negating all that bending and peering downwards that happens when your telly is at a height more convenient for watching from the sofa than for gaming. It looks pretty sturdy in design too, and the motor can power-lift 40- to 60-inch TVs that weigh up to 110 pounds.

Available in Japan, for the equivalent of US$675, we suspect that like most other Thanko gear you'll see it here soon. [Thanko via Digital world Tokyo]

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