Steve Jobs' Music Poster Boy Reports iTunes Problem, Wonders If Apple Spies Him

John Mayer is the guitarist who sometimes closes Apple events with a small gig (he comes right after you turn off the Quicktime broadcast to check the Apple Store,) and Steve Jobs' favourite music poster boy this side of Bob Dylan. Last week, Mayer contacted Apple about a problem with iTunes using the bug reporting tool which appears after a crash. Having sent my own share of bug reports, from neutral to humorous to sarcastic to plain mad-I'm-going-to-kill-you-all-with-a-spoon, I find his diatribe rather charming and candid:

He adds in his blog:

I'll let you know if I get a response from anyone at Apple. I wonder if somebody on the other side is really going to read it ... I can hear it now, the squeak of a chair pushing away from a desk as a man grinds his cigarette into an ashtray, stands up waving a printout over his head and screams "WE GOT AN iTUNES CRASH OVER HEEAH!!!" Because in my mind everything looks like a '60s era spy movie.

Actually, it feels to more like contacting the Wizard of Oz to me, but I guess that John is used to spies and Men in Black every time he has to go to see The Steve to play with his toys.

Do you write this kind of letter in the bug reporters of Mac OS X or Windows? Are they neutral? Fun? Angry? Don't you wish you could draw pictures of genitals and send them? Don't you? Huh? HUH? OK, so maybe that's just me. Post your answers in the comments. [John Mayer's Blog—thanks Camperton]

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