Sour Milk Detector Saves Your Olfactory Receptors

Boffins have developed a smart chip that indicates whether milk has turned sour at the checkout, saving you the potentially unpleasant task of deciphering the health of the white stuff when you get home. The device will be sensitive to the thickness of the container's contents, and when it passes by the cashier's scanner it will begin to vibrate. If the contents is too thick, the vibration will be slower than expected and visa versa. Any detection of irregular speed vibrations will lead to an alarm being set off at the checkout, saving you cash and hassle.

The detectors are to cost about a penny a carton, and they will have a wider implementation than just milk should initial tests work out well. Kelis was ever so confident her milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard and now we know why—she obviously had a beta sour milk detector device. Kudos, Kelis. [Daily Mail]

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