Smart Goggle Uses Fuzzy Logic to Help You Find Those Pesky Lost Gadgets

A team of researchers in Japan has come up with a nifty device that locates your gear when you've lost it. All you need do is tell your Smart Goggle, as the glasses have been codenamed, just what it is you have lost—iPod, car keys, dog, wife, sanity—and it will replay a video of the last time the object was seen. While the camera-reader mash-up is not particularly wow-some, Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi and his team's software algorithm is a real breakthrough. Here's how it works. Firstly you have to program the Smart Goggle, which means spending an hour wafting round your apartment and focusing on all the things you want it to remember, all the while saying exactly what each object is. Although the camera can detect what most of the objects are, some are harder to identify, depending on what angle you come at it. Once programmed, the goggles will replay video footage of the lost object's last sighting when asked to locate it.

The software has been developed by Professor Kuniyoshi and his team alongside Tatsuya Harada, aka Mr Fuzzy Logic, and is thought to be the most advanced object recognition software in the world. Kuniyoshi, who describes the goggles as the ultimate connection between the real world and its cyber counterpart, is hoping to load his invention with data from the internet, so that the wearer would become a walking encyclopedia and bore amaze his friends with his instant knowledge.

Whilst the current model is a little scary, the team, which hails from from the Tokyo University School of Information Science and Technology, is hoping to slim the goggles down to something eminently more wearable in the near future. [Times Online]

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