Single Person Cooker Makes Cooking For One Tidy, If Not Fun

The space-saving "Single Person Cooker" may be of interest to you if you live in an apartment small enough that you need a retracting ceiling bed or a staircase bookshelf. A concept by designer Alex Bradley, it stores pretty much everything you need to cook— hob, utensils and a chopping board— in one small case. Misses out on the kitchen sink, but you can't have everything.

The teeny kitchen is another finalist in the Ideal Homes concept gadget competition. Alex hopes a product like this would help people living alone think about eating healthily, instead of relying on take-out food. To this end, the space-saving modular design even incorporates a Wi-Fi-connected screen so that you can access recipes on the net.

It really is neat form-follows-function design, somehow squeezing loads of useful cooking items in one very small area. Had I had something like this when I was a student, I suspect my fish-and-chips and curry intake might have gone down, if only just a little bit. Probably when I was trying to cook the odd meal to impress a girl. At least the washing up would've been minimum effort. [Dezeen]


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