Seven Alarm Clock Won't Take "No" For an Answer

There are plenty of alarm clocks out there that attempt to "shock" you awake with loud noises or groggily impossible feats of hand-eye coordination—but I think we can all agree that waking up to that would suck really hard. The Seven Alarm clock concept takes a different approach by playing your favorite mp3 (like Shatner's "Common People"—a true classic), then gradually increases the volume if its motion sensor does not detect activity.

The Seven clock was unique enough to earn designer Joel Escalona a Volvo for Life Design Award—which is certainly well deserved. However, could it be turned down by simple movements like waving your hand in the air? If so, the motion feature wouldn't be much more effective than a snooze button—and we all know how well those work. [Joel Escalona via New Launches via DVICE]

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