Razorba War Hammer Improves Back Hair Shaving, Is Called the War Hammer

How thick of a hair sweater do you need to have to need something called a War Hammer to shave off your back hair? Pretty thick, which is why Razorba improved their previous release with this War Hammer version, which holds more types of razors (Gillette Fusions are the most notable) than the predecessor. It's also twice the weight of the original, has a "Super Shock Solid Core" design, and a new "Hamr Grip II". In the end though, it's still a long piece of plastic designed to hold a bladed safety razor so you can shave your own back. If that's too dangerous for you (as it might be for us, since we're fairly uncoordinated) you can always try the electric-powered Mangroomer. [Razorba]

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