Pogue Reviews Sony A300 DSLR: Live View "Perfection"

The big shebang on Sony's latest entry-level DSLRs, the a300 and a350, is their two-way tilt-y live view. Pogueman takes a peek today and really digs it: "Live View on existing cameras is slow, noisy and deeply confusing" but on the a300 it's "a completely different experience."

Thanks to the dedicated second image sensor, it:

"focuses quickly as you aim the lens, without ever blacking out the screen...the screen doesn't go on-off-on, there's no loud clacking, and there's no baffling exhibition of mirror calisthenics inside the camera."

He also thinks that "the button layout and software design are a delight" and "it feels terrific in your hand." The actual photos though are a bit of a mixed bag: "sensational" in good light, but it doesn't pull enough when it's dark. And high ISO settings are grainier than everclear. Oh, and don't be suckered in by the a350—it's the same camera, and the extra MP aren't worth it. [NYT]

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