Philips Streamium Wireless Music Range Gets New Hub, Extenders

For audiophiles who prefer not to access their tunes via a PC, or tote their laptops about the house, Philips has just added a bunch of new products into its wireless streaming music range. This includes a new "flagship" hub media-manager, the WACS7500. This has an 80GB hard disk, holding around 1500 CDs worth, which may seem a bit cramped for those of used to bigger iPod drives. But since it wirelessly connects to your PC so you can access its media content, storage shouldn't be a problem.

It also wirelessly connects to other Streamium devices, like satellite extenders. And if your preference is for more DJ-selected stuff, there's internet radio too.

The smaller WAS6050 Wireless Music Station can connect to the base station or operate on its own, and is designed to be more portable, so you can pop it in your kitchen while you cook. Whereas the NP1100 is a more conventional device, aimed at those who want to stream music from their PC through their traditional audio setup. To this end, its got a large screen and a remote, and plays internet radio too.

Philips really are turning up their efforts on wireless music, and we're liking the clean design lines on these upright gizmos— it makes them look suitably high-tech. Pricing and availability all to be confirmed. [Pocket Lint]

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