ONELink Wireless, Networked, Talking Smoke Alarms Tell You When to Get the Hell Out

If you are ever confronted with a fire or carbon monoxide situation in your home, it goes without saying that you would want an alarm that will give you the best chance to escape. That having been said, the ONELink system from First Alert does just about everything outside of physically carrying you out of the building. Because they can be wirelessly networked (up to 16 units), when one of the devices goes off, they will all go off, giving you more time to take action no matter where you are in a building.

The ONELink can also give you verbal alerts that define whether you are dealing with smoke or carbon monoxide and where the problem is occurring in your home. They can even be tested and/or programmed using your standard television remote. As you might expect, the ONELink is a bit pricey at US$99 a unit, but if they work as advertised, it may be a small price to pay. [Smarthome and First Alert via Gizmag]

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