Nyko Wireless Wii Nunchuck Adaptor Reviewed (Verdict: It Works)

It is 2008 folks. Controllers with wires are just plain unacceptable. If you are a Wii owner, that cord connecting the Wiimote and the nunchuck can be infuriating. As you have probably heard, Nyko has come up with a wireless adaptor for existing nunchucks that promises to eliminate the problem—but the question is how well does it work?

Both IGN and Wii Fanboy have taken a look at the device and agree that it does its job well and the added bulk of the cord-free adaptor doesn't really take away from the performance. So if you have a few controllers you would like to convert to wireless, the Cord Free is available in the US now for US$20. Nyko is also expected to release a standalone version this May. [IGN and Wii Fanboy]

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