No Health Insurance? Get Your Terminal Illness Diagnosed By Bees

If you were concerned that you had cancer, would you go to see a doctor or would you consult some bees? I bet you said doctor, didn't you? No fun! If you used one of Susana Soares "alternative diagnosis tools" you'd be relying on bees instead for some goddamned insane reason.

She's making artsy glass orbs that have specially-sized compartments inside. The bees buzz around inside, and when you blow into them the either fly around like the stupid bees that they are or they fly into the compartments depending on what the diagnosis is. It works because bees have very sensitive senses of smell and can be trained to target specific odours that appear in your breath when you're sick.

Would this be cheaper than seeing a doctor? Yes, yes it would, but I think I would want a second opinion from a non-insect if a bee told me I had a terminal illness. But hey, if you don't have health insurance I guess there are animals you could go to for medical consultations. [MOMA via Dvice]

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