Net Shooter Will Make You Happier than Spiderpig

Unless you have been bitten by a genetically modified radioactive spider lately, the Net-2000 will satisfy your most inner arachnid superhero desires, except the making out with Kirsten Dunst bit. However, I bet that if you have enough real Mary Jane and buy yourself red and blue pajamas, shooting this 15- square-foot net rod will actually make you believe you are the friendly neighbour himself. Check it in action after the jump.

The NET-2000 Net Rod is the latest defensive tool to subdue a potential outbreak of violence from gangsters or burglars. Net-2000 is also a great tool for dog catchers or animal reserve rangers. The NET-2000 is powered by compressed gas through a sophisticated pneumatic system; replacing traditional gunpowder activated net guns. Capture high speed shooting targets - over 3-8 Meters in few seconds. The Large catching net covers 16 square meters. Nets are made of high strength Nylon Fibre to prevent forced breakage. Net-2000's have a reusable air tank that can be refilled with c02 air pump.

Here's how you put it together:

You too can defend yourself throwing nets and silly one-liners for US$419.99, directly imported from China. And talking about the Chinese, why the heck don't they use these net shooters rather than guns? [Chinnagrabber via Technabobvia Boing Boing]

Shameless plug: if you are in London and you are interested in the Tibet situation, this film about the Dalai Lama's struggle for Tibet may interest you. Full disclosure: Joshua Dugdale is Addy's brother and my brother-in-law.

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